In a Second, Inner Fiction.

Moments of clarity are experienced by everyone. This concept of clarity, alongside a years worth of exploration and influence from my Grandfathers own photographic archive, is the foundations to the project. I understood the instinctual fascination resulted in a sense of clarity; and this clarity possessed a delicate, poetic aesthetic.

These, in the moment fascinations are constructed by the past, present and future in any situation, all of which are connected to provide us with an experience. The idea of the past or memory, closely links to the idea of the photograph and it's ability and inability to create a narrative. A narrative is subjective, we look for our own experiences when reading photographs and attach ourselves. So then, It is argued that all memory is fiction and it could be said that all fiction is memory, disappearing and reappearing, as the colour black can both hide and reveal something. So what do we truly, honestly remember when looking back at our memories?